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Ontario School Milk

The Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP) has been serving Ontario elementary students with the essential benefits of milk since 1986. This nutrient-rich, protein dense beverage is an easy way to ensure students are getting the fuel they need to stay healthy, active and ready to learn each day. Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) supports schools with rewards to make the program efficient, engaging and fun. They also work with preferred dairy distributors to provide a high level of service and a local, 100% Canadian product.

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Discover how students benefit from cold, fresh milk at lunch or breaks in over 70% of Ontario schools. Find out if your local school is offering ESMP, or learn about volunteer roles. You can help ensure more students have the opportunity to receive proper nutrition to help them learn and play.


Learn about the many benefits of offering milk at school and how our free rewards and resources can make the program fun and educational! All it takes is eight simple steps to run the program. Register for the ESMP today!