Why Milk at School?

An Easy Way to Help Your Children Get Through the Day

Once your child’s school is registered in the Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP), you can easily order milk to be given to your child in school every day. Milk’s 15 essential nutrients help keep children healthy, alert and ready to learn every day.

Good nutrition is essential for better learning.

Between the ages of 2 and 12, children more than double their weight and height and lay the foundation for a body that will last a lifetime. Children, who consume milk with lunch, are more likely to meet their bone-building needs. Children only grow up once. It is important to help them build and maintain healthy habits.

Milk is nutritionally outstanding for today’s active kids.

Children deserve the best possible chance at a healthy diet, and milk is one of the quickest ways to provide that goodness. With 15 essential nutrients, milk gives students the nutritional edge they need to stay attentive, energetic, and perform their best.

Milk products are the best source of calcium because they contain a large amount, which is well absorbed and used by the body.

Research shows children who consume milk at lunch are more likely to meet their daily dietary requirements for calcium.

Don’t let your child miss out on milk!

Need More Reasons?

Not on the School Milk Program?

All it takes is one! Be a School Milk Program Champion and help get a school milk program started in your child’s school.

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