8 simple steps

Run a successful Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP)

Running a school milk program is easy and fun. You can run a successful program by following these simple steps:

  1. Register for the program.
  2. Appoint a Milk Coordinator.
  3. Purchase or acquire a fridge to keep the milk cold. Don’t have a fridge? Most often your Dairy Distributor will help.
  4. Place a milk order with your chosen Dairy Distributor. Not sure who to call? We can help!
  5. Set the price for milk and encourage parents to prepay for milk by the month.
  6. Recruit student Milk MoOOovers to help distribute the milk and rewards.
  7. Call the milk help desk if you have any questions. 1888-730-MILK (6455) or click here to reach out via email.
  8. Have fun! Look for exciting ways to award the prizes and promote the program!

insert_drive_file For detailed instructions download our ESMP Program Manual here.

Earn milk rewards